MBS Wellbeing

020 8539 6976

020 8539 6976

Events Mobile Service

The Events Mobile Service is a transformative tool incorporating all our services under one umbrella with the flexibility to travel to local areas in Waltham Forest or online reaching out to and connecting residents where they live. Providing a range of practical and therapeutic solutions supporting residents forty plus and older people to lead happier healthier lives.

  • Our Active Lifestyle Options are Friendship and Leisure, Fitness and Health, Creative and Learning. This comes with an important element for registered users of the events mobile service, Free Support, and Information to access local and national services to meet daily needs.
  • Community and Cultural Activities these are single or two-part events that bring the community together to build community spirit,  focus on health, creative activities, and culture to raise awareness.

Free Registration is required to use the Events Mobile Service. Events are booked in advance only, ticket prices as advertised. For more information contact 020 8539 6976.