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Who We Are

MBS WELLBEING COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY was formed in May 2018 to promote and advance the holistic health and wellbeing of people in local communities experiencing one or more disadvantage that has a profound impact on their quality of life. This can be age related, lack recreational activities, health inequalities.

Our aim is to support residents aged Forty plus and Older People living in Waltham Forest and surrounding areas to direct, control and make fundamental changes to their lifestyle to achieve better outcomes in health, creativity, learning, maintain cultural heritage and enjoyment of life.

We are a Community Interest Company this mean that we will ensure that any profit generated from our events or activities are reinvested in the company to benefit local people and the community.


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Our Story

The founder and director Joan Nicholson is a committed volunteer for many years. Enjoys meeting people, entertaining and organising events. Passionate about addressing inequalities in the community and a keen interest in learning, sharing, and celebrating the diverse cultures that exist in Waltham Forest.

Joan’s first exposure to event organising was as a young woman helping her Mother Inez who organised special events for family and friends, for example Christmas and Birthday parties, Barbecues and Weddings.

Worked in the private and community voluntary sectors in public facing roles, and development manager for a black user led disability charity until redundancy in 2011.

In 2014 teamed up with Norbert Edward Musician and Record producer as community volunteers. Started running successful free events benefiting residents and others some through Leytonstone Festival 2015 – 2016.

Our events concentrated on providing health information and taster sessions to increase residents’ knowledge of good health practices and the creative arts. Cultural shows highlighting African and Caribbean culture, its artists and performers in song, music, quadrille dancing, African storytelling, Caribbean and modern poetry, steel pan.

Following positive feedback from events participants, decided to set up a formal structure to work with residents and the community in a more constructive way.