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020 8539 6976

We are an ageing society and the future complexities related to ageing will have serious consequences as we grow older if we do nothing in the present to halt the decline in good health in the future.

Armchair exercise

Chair Exercise

All around body toning to improve movement, balance, and strength. Ideal for older people, wheelchair users  and anyone wishing to improve fitness with qualified Fitness Trainers.

Health and Lifestyle

Informal Health workshops / sessions for individuals from age forty to find out more about health risks and preventing early onset of conditions like diabetes, stroke, and Hypertension. Identifying the signs, symptoms, causes. Things to consider to maintain good health such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, managing stress. Visit your GP for a health check  can identify e.g., early detection and diagnosis, treatment and care. Advice and tips from health professionals.

Self care


Informal sessions supporting individuals with single or multiple health conditions. Exploring practical lifestyle changes and developing regular routines to improve health. Managing health and living well in later life, medication, exercise and diet, peer support, living alone and coping with stress. Guidance and information by health professionals.

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